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24/7 Consulting and On-Site Reviews

EmployerESource provides 24/7 support for difficult and potentially costly employee relation issues.  We are available for on-site support.  Contact us today to let us help you limit your liability.

How we can Help you


3RD Party Reporting TM

EmployerESource lists its contact information in employee handbooks & forms for reporting complaints. When employees file a complaint in court, government organizations will look and see if the employee exhausted all the options to report the complaint. We are an impartial 3rd party for employees to report complaints. We are company’s insurance policy against complaints filed by an employee in a claim or lawsuit.

Employee Handbook

Our handbooks are customized by State law, Federal law, industry and your company need. With our simple software program, you can have a customized employee handbook immediately. Your handbook will be up to date on your State law to keep your company in compliance. Along with your handbook you will receive a break town of your State laws.


We provide webinars to keep our members up to date on changes to employment laws and standards. Learn about up-to-date human resources strategies. Strengthen your workplace while staying in compliance. Our classes give owners and managers the tools to handle numerous human resources situations. We discuss the current hot issues effecting business and explore new ideas on solutions.

Few Quotes

from our clients

EmployerESouce has saved us at least $40,000 for every investigation we have had them do. And we do at least three a year.

Dave Hanson Adam & Eve

I am lucky to have EmployerESource on our team – you’ve made me more confident in making HR decisions.

Gwen Lottman

The Flooring Place
Having EmployerESource there to help keep our handbook & forms up to date with our every changing need is invaluable.

Lisa Peterson

EmployerESource’s webinars are the mostly highly attended for our group.

Jeff Fisher

Association of Residential Cleaning Services International

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