Employee handbooks are expensive for employers to develop and maintain. This class will discuss the laws, regulations, benefits and downfalls of having an employee handbook. Some courts interpret language in employee handbooks as a binding contract, so the class also covers how to avoid any unconditional promises of employment. Discuss how to make sure your handbook covers a variety of important business practices but also how to avoid an “unmanageable” handbook.

The wrong employee handbook can expose you to unnecessary risks and costly mistakes.

You will learn in this class:

    What policies most commonly need to be customized by state and federal law
  • How well-written policies can minimize your liability
  • .

  • The benefits to a properly written sexual harassment policy
  • .

  • How to write a proper disciplinary policy
  • How to distribute an employee handbook in order to have the most valuable impact

Policies, Practices & Protection. Does your Handbook have what it takes?