Newsletter – March 2017
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Is your company at risk of a sexual harassment or workplace violence complaint? YES!
This class will discuss the complex subjects of discrimination, sexual harassment, workplace violence, taking a complaint, progressive discipline and terminations.
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Policies, Practices & Protection. Does your Handbook have what it takes?
Employee handbooks are expensive for employers to develop and maintain. This class will discuss the laws, regulations, benefits and downfalls
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Best Practices for Progressive Discipline and Termination
Discipline and termination issues can be challenging for owners and managers to navigate. They are also the most legally dangerous.
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Sexual Harassment and your best protection
All employers are at the risk of a sexual harassment claim being filed with the EEOC, your State Humane Rights
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Dress Codes And Today’s Culture
By: Wendy Christie Is the owner of specializing in employee handbooks that are customized by state law, federal regulations
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