The hiring process can be legal minefield. This class gives you the information to navigate the legal risks of hiring employees. Employer can unknowingly violate state and federal laws when asking questions, completing background checks and offer employees a position. This material also gives employers guidance to avoid being sued.


  • Key legal issues relating to hiring
  • What You Can and Cannot Ask in a Job Interview
  • Background and Credit Check Pitfalls
  • Learn what questions to include—and exclude—from your job application forms

Learn how to improve you overall employee section process. Discuss with your fellow supervisors interview techniques and red flags in an interview such as:

  • Overly familiar applicants
  • Applicants that talk good but don’t answer questions
  • Applicants that share to much or too little

Reference are one of the best ways to find information about an applicants past work experiences.

Learn how to

  • Conduct productive and informative references
  • Prevent claims of neglect hiring and expensive mistakes
  • Set guidelines on mentioning anything that would be considered protected by law
  • This class will help business owners, manager and supervisors make the right hiring decisions and contribute more to your company’s bottom line
    • Hiring The Productive and Legal Way