Discipline and termination issues can be challenging for owners and managers to navigate. They are also the most legally dangerous. More lawsuits stem from discipline and termination than any other employee interactions. Proper documentation and planning is key to effective and legal disciplinary procedures.

When an employee’s performance is below expectations or his or her conduct on the job is not acceptable, you as the owner or manager must act promptly to correct the situation. Acting promptly and within proper guidelines can prevent problems down the road.

This class will teach you how to avoid disciplinary interactions and terminations that might later manifest as lawsuits. You will also find out what the law says about employee discipline.

Learn how to:

    Identify the steps of disciplinary action
  • Properly document employee discipline and terminations
  • Protect your company during discipline
  • Address unacceptable employee behavior and performance problems

Best Practices for Progressive Discipline and Termination